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The PA Advantage

Why College Prep Matters

    As a college prep community, Patrician Academy sees multi-faceted value in higher education and partners with students and families to guide the development of students in academics, extracurriculars, the arts, athletics, ethical reasoning and meaningful citizenship. Sound moral character and responsibility for one’s actions are goals.  A hallmark of a Patrician Academy education is the degree to which every Patrician faculty and staff member is invested in these efforts.
    From a student’s first day at Patrician Academy, lifelong learning is emphasized. An independent school fosters and develops a college-success culture.  The focus is not merely on gaining college admission; the focus is on being equipped to earn a degree and make a difference in a chosen field, a community, and the world. Students are encouraged to use all available resources to answer questions, and they are urged to learn how to question, to be contributors to their communities, to be good stewards of their talents, and to be responsible, ethical citizens.  
    Self-discovery is a critical component of growth in a college prep school.  In an increasingly complex world, education is vital.  While the most often stated objective of a college education is touted as the ability to earn a better living, research verifies that "education pays" in multiple ways and the ways that it pays are valuable not only to the individual and his/her family but also to the society at-large.